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2014 State Classic League


Eastern District Play-In Games RESULTS


2015 PLW and SCL Promotion/Relegation RESULTS


2015 PLW and SCL Promotion/Relegation Information


2014 SCL Results


2014 SCL Game Day Procedures


2014 SCL Play Dates

Date Location
Sept 6-7 Boys - East; Girls - West
Sept 13-14 Boys - West; Girls - East
Sept 20-21 Boys - East; Girls - West
Sept 27-28 Boys - West; Girls - East
Oct 4-5 Boys - East; Girls - West
Oct 11-12 Boys - West; Girls - East
Oct 18-19 Boys and Girls - East
Oct 25-26 Boys and Girls - West
Nov 1-2 Boys and Girls - East
Nov 8-9 Boys and Girls - West
Nov 15-16 Rain Date
Nov 22-23 Rain Date
Dec 6-7 SCL Play-In games, if necessary
Dec 13-14 PLW/SCL Promotion/Relegation

*Games will be rescheduled as soon as possible following a rain-out. 

State Classic League - General Timeline

Mid June: Registration Opens

July 23, 2014: Registration/Payment Deadline

July 25, 2014: Preliminary schedules sent to DOC’s/coaches

August 2, 2014: Mandatory Scheduling Workshop 10am - 12pm (Columbus, TX)
       *STX v STX Premier League West (PLW) games will also be scheduled at this workshop

August 11, 2014: Final Schedules Posted

August 27, 2014: SCL Roster Freeze Date

September 6, 2014: SCL play begins

December 6-7, 2014: District Play-in Games (WDDOA and EDDOA determine which teams will compete for a SCL spot)

December 13-14, 2014: PLW, SCL, D1 promotion/relegation event



U13 SCL Qualifying / U13 State Cup

U13 SCL Qualifying is open to qualified Division 1 teams from EDDOA WDDOA.

These games will serve as the qualifying games for the spring 2015 South Texas State Cup Finals as well as the fall 2015 State Classic League. Additional information can be found on the State Cup webpage.

U13 SCL Qualifying and U13 State Cup:  The top 6 - U13 teams from each District will play cross-district games over three weekends (2 games per weekend) in Brenham.  After playing the cross-district games, each team will play the other 5 teams from their District.  These intra-district games will count for both State Cup and SCL Qualifying. Each team will play a total of 11 games: 6 cross-district games (counting towards SCL Qualifying) and 5 intra-district games (counting for BOTH State Cup AND SCL Qualifying).

Schedule for 2015 U-13 SCL Qualifying Games in Brenham


UPDATE: 1/12/15

The Spring Cup Manaul and Rules for the U13 SCL Qualifying League and South Texas State Cup will be published shortly.

2015  - U13 SCL Qualifying Leauge/U13 State Cup Registration is OPEN. Pre-qualified U13 teams will register for State Cup below and the State Office will manually move the teams into the U13 SCL Qualifying League.

Western District Cup Pre-Qualification List updated 12/17/14
Eastern District Cup Pre-Qualification List updated 1/12/15 - (Boys U14 seeding has been updated)

To Register, please follow the below steps:
1)  Check the Pre-Qualification List (above) to see which Cup your team is pre-qualified for.  Your team may not enter a lower competition than your team is qualified for (i.e. State Cup qualified teams may not enter Presidents Cup).
2)  Read the ENTRY LETTER in order to see play dates, format, cost, etc.  By registering you are confirming you team is available for all the play dates posted.  U13 State Cup/U13 SCL Qualifying Read the ENTRY LETTER - specific for the U13 Age Group.
3)  Register for the U13 SCL Qualifying Leauge/U13 State Cup Registration - Now Closed


2015 GENERAL TIMELINE- Updated 12/18

U13 SCL Qualifying / U13 State Cup

State Cup – U13

December 16, 2014: State Cup Registration Opens

January 27, 2015: Entry and Payment Deadline for all teams

February 18, 2015: Roster Freeze Date - No changes are allowed to rosters after this date.  Teams may only consist of officially rostered players.  Use of the Club Pass system is prohibited during the intra-district group play stage of State Cup.  Club Passes will only be allowed during cross-district games and again between stages of State Cup in accordance with the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series rules (in between stages of the USYSNCS).

February 21/22, 2015: Cross District Games in Brenham

February 28/March 1, 2015: Cross District Games in Brenham

March 21/22, 2015: Cross District Games in Brenham

March 28/29, 2015: Cross District Games in Brenham (Rain Date)


April 11/12, 2015: District Play Begins For the U13


May 9/10, 2015: U13 Challenge Games - Teams involved will be contacted prior to the Challenge Games.

May 23-25, 2015: State Cup Finals Weekend, Western District Hosting, Location: Western District Hosting:  Five Mile Dam Park (San Marcos)

June 18-25, 2015: Region III Tournament, Location: North Little Rock, AR

July 20-26, 2015: Nationals, Location: Tulsa, OK

*For additional U13 SCL Qualifying information please check the SCL Webpage

For any questions regarding the South Texas National Cup, please contact Andrew Frisque at the South Texas Youth Soccer state office.


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