Robert Legler - 1985
STYSA Hall of Fame Member Profile
Robert Legler

Inducted into STYSA Hall of Fame: March 5, 1985
Soccer Experience:
Clear Lake City Soccer Club:
  • assisted in development of soccer in Clear Lake City and in the Bay Area Junior Soccer Association
  • member of scheduling committee
  • member of field committee – development and maintenance of fields, readying and marking of fields for games, contacting field owners for use of field, assembly and installment of goals
  • assisted coaches
  • voting member of Bay Area Junior Soccer Association
Bay Area Junior Soccer Association:
  • Secretary, two years
  • Served on Nominating Committee
  • Chairman of Scheduling Committee
  • Second Vice President
  • Helped write new Constitution
  • Voting delegate to South Texas Youth Soccer Association for 9 years
  • Active in development of Bay Area Junior Soccer Association and games concept/format
South Texas Youth Soccer Association:
  • Chairman of State Games
  • Conceived plans and changes to STYSA playoff format, rules and implementation plans to meet the changes and development including the Red/Blue Conference, Eastern/Western District concept and host association concept for playoffs
  • Managed the state games
  • Updated rules as required, including round robin rules
  • Coordinated playoffs with association and teams
  • Youth Commissioner
  • Arranged / organized teams travel to regional games
  • Organized and managed the McGuire Cup, National Cup and Regional Cup games in South Texas
  • Wrote STYSA Tournament Manual and served as Chairman
  • Designed the official STYSA patch
  • Assisted in obtaining sponsorships
  • Worked with professional teams to further soccer
  • Worked to get 1981 Regional Games to be hosted by South Texas
  • Arranged and corresponded with local teams, other states, national office and foreign
  • FIFA affiliates for inter-state and international travel, games and tournaments
  • Organized and managed Texas Shootout games between North and South Texas
  • Responsible for soccer development and worked to expand soccer throughout South Texas
  • Introduced a motion at the 1978 AGM to re-organize USSF to give youth a vote similar to the adults – was named to the restructuring committee and prepared and led the presentation of our recommendation at the 1979 AGM (restructure was approved)
  • Was active in national activities to obtain the youth vote and to improve youth programs
  • Served for 3 years on the USYSA McGuire Cup Committee as Region III representative
  • Wrote Region III Tournament Manual
  • Designed the Regional Game program format and layout – a more extensive and equitable method of determining winners and settling tie-breakers, ease of keeping scores on program at field complexes, utilization of fields and times to facilitation completion of final round games and equal rest between games for all teams
  • Secretary of US Youth Soccer Association