Milton Aimi - 1992
STYSA Hall of Fame Member Profile
 Milton Aimi
Inducted into STYSA Hall of Fame in 1992
Original President of the Texas State Soccer Association, Milton marshaled the Association through it’s formative years, and over the course of his 30 plus years of involvement, saw the opportunities for soccer open for hundreds of thousands of players of all ages.
Soccer Experience:
  • Began playing for amateur teams in Dallas-Ft. Worth (1947)
  • Founded the West Texas College soccer team (1947)
  • Founded the Fort Worth International Soccer Club (1952)
  • Founded the first Parochial soccer program in the region (1955)
  • Appointed Youth Commissioner for the South Texas region (1967)
  • One of the primary founders of the Houston District Junior Soccer Association (1968)
  • President Houston District Junior Soccer Association (1972-1978)
  • Instrumental in forming the first Youth Soccer Referee Association (1970)
  • President of the Texas State Soccer Association (1972-2000) Under his guidance, the State Association grew from 2 to 20 leagues with 399 senior teams, the second largest Senior State Association in the country.
  • Appointed to the National Referee Committee of the USSF and a Region Three Director (1979)
  • Elected a vice president of the national body and chairman of the USSF Senior Division responsible for the administration of USSF programs for all 50 states. (1982)
  • Appointed by the USSF to organize and administer a National Under 23 Player Development Program (1987)
  • USSF Vice President and Chairman of the USSF Amateur Division (1988)
  • Inducted into the Nation Soccer Hall of Fame in 1991
  • In his youth, played for the Brazilian National Volleyball Team. Received the 1979 Person of the Year award from the Houston District Junior Soccer Association.