Arthur Yonge - 2003

STYSA Hall of Fame Member Profile
Arthur Yonge
Inducted into STYSA Hall of Fame: July 20, 2003 
Moved to Houston in 1975, and was involved with soccer before he even knew it. Welded some pipe together for a company he worked for and in 1978 when his oldest boy started playing, and his wife volunteered him to get sponsors for their local club, he found out those pipes he had welded together turned out to be soccer goals. Unknowing to his wife at the time this would be “A day that would go down in infamy” around the Yonge’s house. Dedicated to the sport of soccer ever since, he is always striving to make it easier on those that volunteer their time to the game. Family: Wife-Cinda, 2 Sons - Arthur, Jr. and Daniel, 3 granddaughters – Alexis, Jasmine, Kaitlin and 1 grandson - Christian.
Soccer Experience:
SageMont Youth Soccer Club:
  • • Served as Director of Sponsorships (raised over $16,000 in sponsorships)
  • • Registrar – Computerized registration, designed flyers and brochures to boost registration from 196 teams to 375 teams
  • • Uniform Director (cut price by 1/3 and had a higher quality of uniform)
  • • Awards Chairman – (cut price of awards and trophies 2/3)
  • • Director of Fields- development and maintenance of fields, readying and marking of fields for games, contacting field owners for use of field, assembly and installment of goals and nets.
  • • Member of BAYSA scheduling committee
  • • Coach (D-License)
  • • Voting member of Bay Area Youth Soccer Association
  • Bay Area Youth Soccer Association:
  • • Developed initial software for Association wide scheduling and scorekeeping (800+teams)
  • • Scheduler and Score Keeper (1986 – 1995)
  • • Designed BAYSA Logo (since been slightly modified)
  • • Registrar (1990 – 1995)
  • • Developed Registrar’s Manual for Club Registrar
  • • Developed Administrative Handbook for coaches
  • • Developed initial database to manage registration
  • • Voting delegate to South Texas Youth Soccer Association for 5 years
  • • Active in development of Bay Area Youth Soccer Association Select Teams
  • Eastern District Division One Association:
  • • Administrator – (since 1986)
  • • Designed EDDOA Logo
  • • Designed, developed and maintained
  • South Texas Youth Soccer Association:
  • • Spearheaded the establishment and managed STYSA State Office -Houston, 1985
  • • Developed first State Database – entering over 65,000 players and 8,000 adults from paper forms
  • • Designed, edited, published and Distributed to total membership the first STYSA Newsletter (at no cost to STYSA except for postage)
  • • Assisted in obtaining sponsorships for State Meetings
  • • Coordinator computer network installation at State Office - Georgetown
  • • Managed state games
  • • Helped design brochures, programs and schedules for the 1994 USYSA Southern Regional Event in Houston
  • • Assisted in coordinating and managing 1994 Regional Games hosted by South Texas
  • • Received South Texas Award of Merit – July 23,1994
  • • Served on State Rules Committee
  • • State Representative at both Regional and National Games
  • Other Soccer Related Activities:
  • • Publisher “ Youth Sports Report” a tabloid on Soccer and other sports in the Houston Area (1987 – 1989)
  • • Layout and Design Director “Texas High School Soccer Report” a monthly digest. (1990 – 1992)
  • • Youth Liaison to the Houston Dynamos Professional Soccer Team – (1985-1990)
  • • Served on Honorable Mayor Bob Lanier’s “Council For The Development of Inner City Soccer”
  • • Worked with Houston Parks and Recreation to establish a means to register Inner City Kids with STYSA
  • • Contributing Editor and Publisher “Soccer Coach” – an animated CD teaching the Basics off Soccer