Greg Barnhill - 2005
STYSA Hall of Fame Member Profile
Greg Barnhill
Inducted into STYSA Hall of Fame: February, 2005 
Wife, Sue and 2 children – Greg, Jr. and Ashley
Soccer Experience:  
  • Began coaching in 1984
  • Coached in Katy Youth Soccer in both recreational and competitive
  • Coached boys, girls, co-ed, and in all formats including 5v5, 7v7 and 11v11
  • Holds a USSF National D License
  • Obtained a Level 7 Referee Badge
  • Became a Referee in1984
  • Served as a UIL High School Referee  
Coaching Highlights
  • State Champions, KYSA Jaguars, Division III
  • U18 Snickers Cup
  • U19 Snickers Cup, Regional Finalist, Region III
  • U12 STYSA Division I Girls Fall State Champions
  • U14 STYSA Division I Girls Fall State Champions
Positions Held:
  • Katy Youth Soccer Director of Fields - helped develop Katy Park Field Complex
  • Skills Director
  • Boys Coaching Director
  • President for two terms (6 years)
  • Tournament Committee – helped start KYSA High School Scholarship
Eastern District Division One
  • Age Group Commissioner for both boys and girls
  • Commissioner / President – 1991-1995
South Texas Youth Soccer Association
  • Rules Committee Member
  • Coach Search Committee Member, 1992
  • Coach Search Committee Chairman, 1997-1998
  • Coach Search Committee for the hiring of Bobby Murphy / Jason Moran
  • Cup & Games Committee Member, 1998 – 2001
  • Olympic Development Program Committee Chairman, 1996 – 2003
  • Region III State Representative
  • Region III ODP Staff Administrator
Executive Vice President Accomplishments
  • Authored and implemented State Office employee annual review system
  • Authored and implemented State Office job descriptions format
  • Helped implement State Office retirement program
  • Helped implement State Office health care plan
  • Authored and implemented employee comp time program
  • Served as volunteer Director of Coaching 1997-1998 which included management of the State ODP Program and Coaching Education Program
  • Authored and implemented Olympic Development Mission Statement
  • Executive Committee liaison to State Office Staff assisting with the day to day oversight of State Office decision-making
  • Helped negotiate state contract with adidas in 1995
  • Assisted in making the ODP Committee a working committee
  • Helped rework ODP selection process. Our program is now a model program for the Regional and National Program
  • Helped rework the ODP budget to provide a balanced budget and make the ODP Program more accountable.