The South Texas Youth Soccer Association (STYSA) is a Texas Not-for-Profit, 501c(3) Tax Exempt Corporation whose purposes are charitable, educational and athletic, as defined by the Texas Non-Profit Corporation Act and include the teaching of good sportsmanship, the educating of youth participants and adult sponsors in the fundamentals of soccer; the promotion of soccer through sponsorship of regularly scheduled youth soccer competitions; and by conducting such other activities as STYSA shall deem appropriate.

STYSA’s Mission
STYSA is a non-profit organization created to promote, coordinate, administer and unify youth soccer through its affiliated organizations.

Fact Sheet
is an affiliate of United States Youth Soccer (USYS), the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) and Federation International de Futbol Association (FIFA).

STYSA is comprised of 31 Member Associations, involving a large volunteer base of coaches and program administrators.

STYSA is governed by a volunteer Executive Committee elected by a Governing Board that is made up of representatives from the 31 Member Associations.

STYSA includes the geographic area of Texas stretching from El Paso in the west across the state through Lufkin and across to the Sabine River in the east and from Temple in the central area of the state to Brownsville in the south.

STYSA has offered quality soccer programs for youth age 4 through 18 since 1964.

STYSA currently has a player registration base of 100,712 and adult registration base of 9,750.

STYSA maintains a State Office in Manor with a professional full-time staff.