Coaching Education Overview
The purposes of the STYSA Coasching Education courses are to educate youth coaches, stimulate their interest in coaching, and promote youth soccer.
The curriculum is designed to provide coaches with current methods of teaching and coaching youth soccer and allow them the opportunity to practice their teaching under the guidance of the STYSA Coaching Staff. Additionally, the coaches have a responsibility to address player development within the clubs and fostering a strong team environment. To enhance the understanding of the topics being taught, classroom discussion is combined with field participation. The goal of the school is to provide the coaches with an experience that will make coaching and playing soccer more enjoyable.
The STYSA Coaching Education Program is an educational system in which the curricula is based on current teaching methodology and up-to-date coaching methods related to youth soccer. 

The Youth Modules are designed to provide the most current and advanced information for the growth and development of the U6 through U12 youth player. The ultimate goal is to provide coaches with the tools to ’unlock the game within each child’ and reach his or her full soccer potential. The modules will show coaches developmentally appropriate activities for children and the use of games as a vehicle to learning. 

The “E” License Course provides instruction in intermediate coaching and teaching methodology.  

The “D” License Course is the most comprehensive course offered at the state level and is preparatory for national licensing. Each course utilizes a different textbook and educational materials especially designed for the course.