The South Texas Cup is a developmental level statewide competition restricted to South Texas registered Division II and Division III boys and girls teams in the U11 through U19 age groups who are not already participating in Directors Cup.

 Beginning with the Spring 2014 South Texas Cup competition, an Invitational District Tournament will be held in early May within each District rather than the previous local association/league allocation model used.  The deadline to register for the 2014 South Texas Cup is April 1, 2014.  Hosting sites will be determined by the respective district Vice-President’s. Entry into the Invitational District Tournaments will be restricted to those teams that have competed in a local association spring league the same seasonal year.  The local association league does not "qualify" teams into South Texas Cup, nor does it have to be completed before the South Texas Cup event.  South Texas requests that the local association leagues work in a 2-week "bye" (May 3-4 and May 10-11, 2014) for teams who participate in the South Texas Cup competition.

The District Tournament will include two brackets...a Division II bracket and a Division III bracket.  A Division III team may register to play in the Division II bracket.  Each bracket will have their own District (and State) champion.

The State Tournament will be held the following weekend and will include the first and second place teams in each age group from the two District tournaments, along with a representative from El Paso if entered.  In 2014 the State Tournament will be hosted in the Western District.

State Finals Location (May 10-11, 2014):
5-Mile Dam Park - 4440 S. Old Stagecoach Rd, San Marcos, TX 78666


UPDATE: 5/6/14

THANKS to all teams who participated at the District event and to ISDC and Culebra Creek for hosting!

TEAM CHECK-IN, 5/10/14:  State Finals
A representative needs to check-in their team at least 1-hour prior to the start of their first match on 5/10.  Check-in will be inside the tournament office (marked by the SMAYSO logo).  Please have your player cards organized by Last Name to expedite the check-in process.  At check-in, the team representative will signing that they understand the South Texas Code of Conduct, and also that they are aware of the South Texas Concussion Policy.

All penalty points received during Spring 2014 league play AND South Texas Cup District carry over into the South Texas Cup State Finals.  Please be aware of your players penalty point situation as you may have a player that needs to sit-out b/c of a red card or accumulated points.

BENCH PASSES:  State Finals
The ORANGE Adult Participation Pass (Kidsafe Pass) will serve as a team officials bench pass.  The ORANGE Kidsafe Pass needs to be visible at ALL TIMES when an adult is on the team sidelines.  ORANGE Kidsafe Passes MUST have a photo of the individual AND be laminated, per South Texas rules.  There will be lanyards available at the check-in location.  No more than FOUR (4) team officials (with ORANGE Kidsafe Passes) will be allowed on the team sideline.  No ORANGE pass means NO attendance on the team sideline, NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you do not have your ORANGE Kidsafe Pass, contact your local association ASAP and get one.

GAME CARDS:  State Finals
All game cards will be printed by the State Office and the referees will bring to the match.  The referees will also leave with the game card.

2014 South Texas Cup - STATE SCHEDULE

2014 South Texas Cup - DISTRICT RESULTS



General Timeline for the 2014 South Texas Cup District and State competitions 

April 1, 2014: Registration and Payment Deadline.  All teams wanting to participate in the South Texas Cup competition must be registered and paid by this date.  Credit cards will be accepted via the GotSoccer registration.

April,18, 2014: Approximate date schedules will be posted for the District Weekend.

May 3-4, 2014: South Texas Cup DISTRICT Weekend (Western District Location: Culebra Creek Park; Eastern District Location: International Soccer Development Complex)

May 10-11, 2014: South Texas Cup STATE Weekend (Western District to Host: 5-Mile Dam Park, San Marcos, TX)

For questions concerning South Texas Cup, please contact Andrew Frisque at the South Texas Youth Soccer state office.