What if I didn’t play soccer in the fall?
If your child is not currently registered with a STYSA member organization or if you did not register them for the fall 2011 regular season, you will need to contact the state office at 512 272-4553. 
What is Region Camp?
U. S. Youth soccer is divided into four regions: Each offers a Region Camp for that Region’s ODP State teams in the eligible age groups. The camps are designed to provide a high level of competition and to identify players who are capable of performing at the top level. The top players identified in Region Camp are then invited to participate in the National Camps.
What is National Camp?
National Camps are events held throughout the year at various locations in the United States. National Team and staff coaches are present at these events to observe, train and identify players for placement in the National Pools and National Teams.
What are the benefits of participating in ODP?
For the committed soccer player the State team program is very beneficial. Players are exposed to college, region and national staff coaches. In addition, ODP offers the opportunity to play with the top players from around the state and to compete against the best players in the southern region. The opportunity to compete against the best and the chance to succeed at the highest level are what is available to ODP players. Moreover, the experience of playing with players from other clubs and the increased responsibility and self discipline required to succeed at this level teaches invaluable life lessons.
If you are selected to participate on one of the state teams or pools your commitment is essential. You will be expected to attend all team functions, complete all paperwork on time and fulfill any and all financial obligations. If you are one of the players asked to stay over for a second week of evaluation at region camp you are required to do so. This commitment to a potential second week of evaluation is given at the beginning of the selection process and is expected from all players.