2010 TopSoccer Festival Exceeds Expectations

Bright sunshine greeted the more than 70 special team players and their buddies who participated in the South Texas Youth Soccer Association TOPSoccer Spring Festival at the S.T.A.R. Soccer Complex in San Antonio on Saturday, March 13.   

Organized by STYSA Assistant DOC Neal Ellis, Terry and Jackie Thompson with Northeast Youth Soccer Organization-NEYSO, Alamo Heights Fort Sam Houston Youth Soccer-AHFSH, and Ed Sakiewicz and Diana Driggers of Star Soccer Complex, special team players of all ages and ability levels from across the state enjoyed a day of soccer fun. Click for photo gallery.

The event was kicked off with welcome messages from Gordon Hartman, Founder of Morgan’s Wonderland and Dr. John Tomas the Assistant Director of Coaches for US Youth Soccer in front of a crowd 200 Athletes, Buddies, Parents and Volunteers.
Bob Wilde, STYSA ODP Coach and Coaching Education Instructor and Dr. John Thomas, US Youth Soccer Assistant DOC got the players going by having them kick their balls with their buddies. Then they lead the players and buddies through a series skills demonstrations, activities and games where the players performed and practiced push passes, knee passes, various types of ’freestyle passes’ and other fun ball activities and games. 
The field activities concluded with a series of games with the players moving around the field kicking balls through a grid of cone goals to see how many goals they could score. Participants and buddies congratulated each other’s efforts with cheers and applause. Dr. John Thomas added to the fun by demonstrating several special clapping styles including his marshmallow, rain, and lighting bolt claps.
Dr. John Thomas the Assistant Director of coaches for US Youth Soccer and Dave Force from Morgan’s Wonderland closed the ceremonies and ended an event that was a great success.
The organizers and participants would like to give special “thank you” to SA United Soccer Club and the coaches from NEYSO Special Teams for a great representation at this event. We would also like to thank all the volunteers that helped throughout the event and all of the buddies who came out and made this event a success:  
Alexandra   SA United Olivia   SA United Sara   Hot Shots Lauren   Madison Pals
Alyssa    SA United Phillip   SA United James   Judson HS Camille   Pleasanton HS
Bridget   SA United Sally    SA United Courtney   Lions FC Courtney   Pleasanton HS
Candy   SA United Travis   SA United Elizabeth   Lions FC Holly   Pleasanton HS
Ciana   SA United Gilbert   Seguin HS Erica   Lions FC Judith   Pleasanton 
Clint   SA United Jessica   Seguin HS Maddison   Lions FC Kelsey   Pleasanton 
Kyle   SA United Ashley   CESA Heidi   Lutheran HS of SA Melissa   Pleasanton 
Lexi   SA United Leslie   Hot Shots Holly    Lutheran HS of SA Joslin   Tigres Storm
Natalie   SA United McKayla   Hot Shots Melia   Lutheran HS of SA Scott   UIW