South Texas Publications, Forms, and Information
Publications & Press Releases listed are provided for the convenience of parents, coaches, and administrators. To assist you in identifying the publication to best answer your question, check the definition of each document below.

  • Forms – each form is identified by its purpose such as transfer form, interstate permission, international clearance request or waiver, etc.

  • Age Matrix the birth date range valid for each age level available through local associations and clubs.

  • STYSA Fees – fees paid to the state association for each player registered for the current seasonal year as well as fees for other activities such as filing an application to host, requesting a travel permit, etc.

  • STYSA Cup Manualthis document covers all STYSA Spring Cup competitions and consolidates some of the more general rules and procedures for each cup into a single document.

  • Newsletter - The South Texas Monthly e-Newsletter is used to communicate soccer news, deadlines, and upcoming events. To submit any news or announcements for future newsletters, please contact us at If you are receiving this email, you or your child is a registered member of South Texas Youth Soccer Association.

  • Tax Filing Information – Organizations claiming tax exemption status must either have status as a 501(c)(3) organization or be included on the subordinate list of the parent organization (STYSA) and comply with all requirements for such organizations.

  • STYSA Audits – as confirmation that the organization is being properly managed with regards to financial issues, an audit is required each year and results are posted here.

  • GBM Minutes – This is where the minutes from each of the semi-annual Governing Board Meetings where the delegates from the Member Associations meet to discuss and conduct the business of STYSA including passing rule changes, electing Executive Committee members, approving the budget and actions of the Executive Committee, and any other issues required for the success of the organization are posted.

  • Executive Committee Minutes – the minutes of meetings of the 7-member committee elected by the Member Associations to oversee and direct the business of the organization are posted for review.

  • Rules Change Result Archive – rule changes are adopted at each STYSA Governing Board Meeting and are retained in this location for tracking purposes.

  • GBM Summary Archive – Summaries of prior Governing Board Meetings.

  • Perpetual Calendar – Is the calendar of recurring events and deadlines. The Perpetual Calendar items are now incorporated into the website calendar which can be accessed by clicking the Calendar link at the top of the STYSA home page.