South Texas Soccer Referees

As a seperate unaffiliated organization, South Texas Soccer Referees (STSR) works closely with South Texas Youth Soccer (STYSA) to help develop youth referees as well as provide referees for youth soccer games.  In addition they provide certification and re-certification clinics for both youth and adult referees candidates.  For more information about STSR or to sign up for referee certification clinic please click the STST logo above. 

Three South Texas referees earn National Referee badges

Paul Tamberino, Director of Referee Development for the US Soccer Federation has announced that Courtney Jackson, Luis Guardia, and Carlos Salas have completed the requirements necessary to earn their National referee badges.  

All three are members of the South Texas referee and soccer community and STSR and South Texas soccer congratulates them on a job well done!

Offsides - Interferring with Play

The first goal scored in the new MLS season (New York Red Bulls at Seattle Sounders, March 19, see accompanying clip) was the subject of controversy based on the argument that a teammate of the scorer was in an offside position at the time and had become involved in active play by interfering with play.  The goal was from Sounder #17 (Montero) against the Red Bull goalkeeper #1 (Cepero) and the Sounder forward alleged to have been offside was #23 (Nyassi).

Referee Week In Review #3

The most current version of US Soccer’s “Referee Week In Review #3” is now posted. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Paul Tamberino (

The document can be found at:

The podcasts for the Referee Week In Review are located in the Sights & Sounds section of

Head Injury Memorandum

USSF guidance for referees at all levels has always emphasized the importance of responding appropriately to serious player injuries.  National Referee clinics in the past have dealt with this matter in no uncertain terms.  A specific directive was issued this year in advance of the 2009 MLS season, and entry level USSF referee training materials have reminded all officials that the seriousness of an injury is more liberally defined for youth players.