Rule Change Results 2008
JULY 13, 2008
Rule Change #1 – Voting Powers - FAILED
This involved a change to the By Laws to increase the voting power of associations with a registration in excess of 8,000 total players.
Rule Change #2 – Play-Up Rule for U10 and younger players – PASSED
With the move to 8v8 in the U11 and U12 age groups, the roster limit has been reduced from 18 to 12. This rule reduces the number of U10 or younger players allowed on an 8v8 roster. The rule goes into effect in the Fall 2009 season and will read as follows:
3.4.2  For 11-a-side teams, a maximum of four (4) Under-10 players (as defined above), may be placed on any Under-11 or older team. For 8-a-side teams, a maximum of three (3) Under-10 players (as defined above), may be placed on any Under-11 or older team.
Rule Change #3 -          REGISTERED COACH - PASSED
This rule further identifies who is classified as a coach and the requirements of the position.
Only Registered Coaches are permitted to participate in STYSA sanctioned events or games as coaches or assistant coaches (as defined in Rule 3.1.2). 
To be a Registered Coach, a coach or assistant coach (as defined in Rule 3.1.2) must:
(a)   Register with STYSA through the STYSA Member Association having jurisdiction of the team or club for which the individual will be a coach or assistant coach;
(b)   Be an Eligible Adult as defined in Rule 3.1.3;
(c)   Hold a currently effective Coaching License or Certificate (as defined below) or obtain, within one year of initial registration as a coach, a Coaching License or Certificate; and
(d)  Not be suspended and not be restricted from participation by a decision of a disciplinary committee or other executive body with jurisdiction of the individual.
A “Coaching License or Certificate” means a soccer coaching license or a certificate of completion issued by a course or training program that is currently approved by the STYSA Director of Coaching. The STYSA Director of Coaching shall maintain a list of all licenses, courses, programs and vendors that are approved for purposes of this rule.
Upon failure to comply with any of the above requirements, and for the period of such noncompliance, the individual will not be a Registered Coach, will not be permitted to participate in STYSA sanctioned events or games, and shall be prohibited from future registration until proof of compliance is provided.
This proposal would have modified the previous rule to allow coaches “three seasons” rather than one year to obtain a coaching license.
This proposal defines “Eligible Adult” as referenced in the definition and requirements of a person wishing to coach.
3.1.16    Registered Coach means an Eligible Adult who is in compliance with the requirements of Rule 3.2.10.
The purpose of this rule change was to remove the responsibility for maintaining control of the fans on the sideline from the coach.
Rule Change #7 – TEAM MANAGER - PASSED
This change eliminates the requirement for a team manager to have a coaching license in order to be rostered to a team or eligible to be on a team sideline.
3.1.24   TEAM MANAGER means an Eligible Adult who coordinates the affairs of the team but is not involved in the coaching or training of the team. For the purposes of Section 3.2.10, a Team Manager is excluded from the definition of Coach and Assistant Coach in 3.1.2.
This change identifies the area on the team sideline within which each team and the coaching staff must remain during games. 
6.1.1. Law 1 – The Field of Play; Technical Areas
a. The Under-19 through Under-13 age groups shall have a field whose width is between 50 yards and 100 yards and whose length is between 100 yards and 130 yards. The recommended width is 55 yards to 70 yards and the recommended length is 110 yards to 130 yards. The association / club / league which controls the fields shall determine the location of the teams, players, coaches, fans and supporters in relation to the field and each other and of the Technical Area, in compliance with applicable STYSA rules and FIFA Laws, decisions and recommendations. 
b.      For U-13 through U19 Only. If there is a Technical Area marked for each team, it will include, but not be limited to, that team’s “bench area.” Coaches, players and eligible adults permitted to be present with the team must remain within the markings and within their half, except for substitution and warm up. If both teams are assigned to one side of the field, only coaches, players and eligible adults permitted to be present with the team may be within the Technical Area.
Coaches participating in post season playoffs are also required to be in compliance with the requirements of a “registered coach” and have the proper identification in order to be on the sideline.
5.2.5.    Registered Coach and Assistant Coach.  Each coach or assistant coach must be a Registered Coach in compliance with Rule 3.2.10 and have a properly laminated current STYSA Adult Participation Pass. In the absence of the Registered Coaches for that team, only                        Eligible Adults with a current STYSA Adult Participation Pass may be present with the team and act in the absence of the Registered Coaches on coaching matters for the team and be in the technical area or on the sideline.
Rule Change #10 – ID CARDS – PASSED
The purpose of this change is to be assure consistency in the instructions regarding ID Cards.
3.2.9. A non-recreational level player with an improperly prepared player identification card shall not be allowed to participate in a game.
With an increase in violence on the soccer field, this rule change addressed situations in which fans or supporters became involved.
This clarifies where STYSA Member Associations can find the date by which their registration fees must be paid to the state.
3.2.5. PAYMENT OF REGISTRATION. Payment of registration fees by the Member Association consists of the current STYSA registration fee times the number of players being registered. All registration fees must be received by the State Office by the deadlines published on the STYSA Perpetual Calendar posted on the website.
Rule Change #13 – ROSTER SIZE - PASSED
This is a housekeeping change to bring the rule into line with other sections. 

3.3.1. TEAM ROSTER. No team, U11 through U16, shall be allowed more than eighteen (18) nor less than seven (7) registered players at any given time.
No team, U17 through U19, shall be allowed more than twenty-two (22) nor less than seven (7) registered players at any given time. The maximum number of players in uniform and eligible to play at any one game shall be eighteen (18).

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