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Your Guide to eSports with STX Gaming

What are eSports?

  • eSports stands for Electronic Sports and they are organized video game competitions played by both individuals and teams.


Why is South Texas Youth Soccer providing Esports events?

  • In this time of uncertainty, we want to continually provide opportunities for our members to stay involved with the South Texas community and to develop cognitive soccer skills and knowledge. Esports (specifically FIFA 20 and Rocket League) provide players with knowledge about the game of soccer and many of the benefits we mention later.


What does it take to participate in South Texas eSports events?

  • Players are required to have their own console (Either XBOX One or PS4)
  • Players are required to own a copy of the game
  • Must be a registered player with South Texas Youth Soccer


How are participants verified?

  • Safety is our number one concern.
  • Our goal is to provide a safe atmosphere for kids to play with other kids online.
  • Every potential player is checked with our player database to ensure they are registered through South Texas Youth Soccer.
  • Only players age 13U-17U are eligible to play.


How much does it cost?

  • Currently, all events are free!


Would it be possible to make events more age specific?

  • Absolutely. Creating an environment with like-aged players provides comfort for parents and children. Our events will be divided into smaller age groups from here on out.


Do eSports bridge the gap for in-person social interaction and learning?

  • No, nothing can replace these sort of learning environments and we do not intend to try. What we are doing is creating a safe space that kids can play video games. A place where parents know the player on the other side of the screen is age verified by South Texas. While it will not replace in-person social interaction, it does provide an at-home platform, away from social media, where kids are able to talk and play games safely.


What benefits can eSports provide for my child?

                Depending on what game that you play there are many benefits that eSports provide.

  • Teamwork, communication, sportsmanship, strategy
  • Cognitive and social development
  • Potential college scholarships.
  • Strategic thinking skills and Hand-eye coordination.
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