Fall Championships





The South Texas Fall Championships is a multi-stage tournament that is open to teams playing in Division II and Division III. Play begins at the local level through the local South Texas Member Association’s fall league. At the conclusion of the league, South Texas Member Associations will submit teams to participate in District Playoff event, the champions of which will advance to the State Finals weekend.  To inquire about participation and associated cost, please contact your local member association, found HERE.   

Fall District Championship Tournaments are held for 11U though 18/19U in Division II and 11U through 14U in Division
III the first weekend in December (Dec. 1-2, 2018).  More information regarding the 2018 District Playoffs will be posted here as it becomes available. Please see below for the 2018 hosting associations for the 2018 Fall Championship District Playoffs. Fall Championships Past Results: 2017 2016201520142013, 2012
Fall State Championships Tournaments are held for 11U through 18/19U ages in Divison II.  The State Finals weekend is held over the second weekend in December (Dec. 8-9, 2018).  More information regarding the 2018 State Finals weekend will be posted here as it becomes available. See below for the 2018 hosting association for the 2018 Fall Championship State Finals.  Fall Championships State Finals Past Results: 2017 2016201520142013, 2012

Western Accepted Allocations/Playoff Groups2018 Western District Allocations
Eastern Accepted Allocations/Playoff Groups / 2018 Eastern District Allocations

Fall Championships - Condensed Rules



Check-in Materials:
1.) Roster - Signed by a responsible officer of the Member Association (usually the Registrar) and including all players who were rostered to the team during Fall Play. Contact your Club Registrar to obtain. STYSA is sending the Host Associations the rosters, but bring a copy just in case there are any discrepancies.

2.) ID Cards - properly prepared and laminated ID Cards with current pictures and they must be signed by your registrar - required for all players (no exceptions - they must be laminated).

3.) Adult Participation Pass/Kidsafe Pass - An Adult Participation/Kidsafe Pass of the appropriate color (2018/19 - PINK) for the current seasonal year including the adult's name and Kidsafe ID Number and picture is required for any adult allowed on the team sideline (no exceptions - they must be laminated). These will serve as your Bench Passes and must be displayed on the sidelines (Lanyards will be provided at check-in)

4.) Penalty Point Report - For District Playoffs, these will be submitted to STYSA from your Association.

5.) Only one team representative is needed to check-in the team as long as they have all the proper documentation. The whole team does not need to attend check-in.


Fall Championships District Schedule & Standings


Eastern District Playoffs (Dec 1/2, 2018) 

Division II & Division III Boys: Houston Youth Soccer Association (HYSA)

Location - Bear Creek Park

Tournament Coordinator - Texas United

Team Check-In Information - TBD

Team Hotel Information - TBD

Division II Girls: Houston Youth Soccer Association (HYSA)

Location - George Bush Park

Tournament Coordinator - West Houston

Team Check-In Information - TBD

Team Hotel Information - TBD


Division III Girls: Bay Area Youth Soccer Association (BAYSA)

Location - El Franco Lee Park 

Tournament Coordinator - Southbelt

Team Check-In Information - TBD

Team Hotel Information - TBD


Western District Playoffs (Dec 1/2, 2018)

Division II & Division III Boys: Alamo Area Youth Soccer Association (AAYSA)

Location - Schertz Soccer Complex

Tournament Coordinator - TBD

Team Check-In Information - TBD

Team Hotel Information - TBD

Division II & III Girls: Alamo Area Youth Soccer Association (AAYSA)

Location - Kerrville

Tournament Coordinator - TBD

Team Check-In Information - TBD

Team Hotel Information -  TBD


State Finals (Dec 8/9, 2018)

Division II (11U-19U) GIRLS: (Eastern District) - Brazos Valley Youth Soccer Association (BVYSA)
Locations - Penberthy Rec Sports Complex at Texas A&MVeterans Park and Athletic Complex

Tournament Coordinator - BVYSA  

Team Check-In Information- TBD

Team Hotel Information - TBD

Division II (11U-19U) BOYS: (Western District) - Alamo Area Youth Soccer Association (AAYSA)
Location - Mission City Soccer Complex

Tournament Coordinator - TBD

Team Check-In Information - TBD

Team Hotel Information - TBD



2018 Fall Championships Timeline

October 17, 2018:  Team Counts from participating Associations are due

October 26, 2018:  Allocations are prepared by the District Vice-Presidents and are distributed to Association Presidents.

November 2, 2018:  Deadline for Member Associations to accept/decline their allocations.

November 2, 2018:  The State Office will invoice Member Associations for the teams advancing to Fall Championships.

November 20, 2018:  Team Fee Deadline from Associations.

November 20, 2018:  Deadline for Associations to submit participating team information to the State Office.

December 1-2, 2018:  District Playoffs

December 8-9, 2018:  State Finals

December 15-16, 2018:  Rain Date