24 South Texas Teams Advance To Regional Competitions
US Youth Soccer National Championship Series
The US Youth Soccer National Championship Series is the country’s most prestigious national youth soccer tournament that offers approximately 185,000 players on more than 10,000 teams an opportunity to showcase their soccer skills against the best competition in the nation. Each of the 55 state associations within US Youth Soccer sponsor a competition to identify a State Champion in the Under-14 through Under-19 age groups to represent the state at the Regional, and hopefully, the National Championship Tournament. As a result of the USYSNC / STYSA State Cup, the following teams are preparing to travel to Raleigh, North Carolina June 19-25 to participate in the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series Region III Southern Regionals with a goal of qualifying to advance to the National Championship Tournament to be held in July.
South Texas State Champions
     Boys          Girls   

U14       WDDOA Lonestars 97B Red 

 EDDOA Albion Hurricanes FC 94 Blue

U15       WDDOA Lonestars 93B Red  

 WDDOA Lonestars 93G Red

U16       WDDOA Lonestars 92B Red   

 EDDOA TSC Challenge 92

U17       EDDOA TSC Texans 90/91       

 WDDOA Lonestars 91G Red

U18       EDDOA Texans FC 89/90 Red   

 EDDOA TSC Challenge 90

U19       EDDOA Houstonians FC 88/89   

 EDDOA TSC Challenge 89

Two additional teams from South Texas have qualified to participate based on their performance in the Premier League competition.
Region III Premier League Champions from South Texas

U15       EDDOA TSC Texans 92/93

U16        EDDOA Texans FC 91/92 Red

The 2008 STYSA President’s Cup identified teams to represent each of the 12 states in Region III to advance to the Region III President’s Cup Regionals. For the past few years, a regional competition has been offered by Region III to provide teams in this second tier competition an opportunity to advance to a higher level of play. Under-13 through Under-17 President’s Cup Champions are on their way to Columbus, Georgia to participate in the Region III President’s Cup Regionals this weekend, June 13-15th. This year teams in the Under-14 through Under-17 age groups also have an opportunity to qualify to advance on to a National Tournament, the National Director’s Cup, to be held July 17-20th in Kirkwood, Delaware.
President’s Cup Regional Qualifiers
Boys        Girls   

U13     EDDOA Westside Pumas   

 TYSA Dynamos Select 94/95

U14     WDDOA Dallas Texans Austin 94B

 EDDOA Texas Rush Nike 93/94 *

U15     EDDOA Westside Pumas   

 EDDOA Spindletop Select 93 Red

U16     EDDOA Texans FC 91/92 Black    

 EDDOA Dynamos Select 91/92

U16     CAYSA AU Capital SC 92G Navy **


U17     CAYSA AU Capital SC 91B Black 

 EDDOA Bellaire Hammers 91 *

U17     EDDOA Fusion 91 Green **


*As a result of the first place team not being able to advance, the second place team was invited to represent the state in the competition.
**Two “wild card” teams from South Texas were invited to participate in the event as the result of the withdrawal of teams from another state association.
CONGRATULATIONS to each of these teams for their accomplishments thus far. We wish them continued success at the Regional competitions.

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