Jesse Harrell Elected US Youth Soccer Region 3 Director

Jesse Harrell Elected US Youth Soccer Region 3 Director
Jesse Harrell, president of South Texas Youth Soccer has been elected as Region 3 Regional Director for US Youth Soccer’s National Board of Directors.  The vote occurred at the Region 3 meeting this past Saturday in Overland Park, KS., as part of the US Youth Soccer Annual General Meeting weekend, in conjunction with the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series National Finals.  Jesse will represent the interests of all 12 Region 3 state associations, including South Texas, on the national board. 


"I am thrilled to be elected to this position and look forward to working with all of you"

said Jesse after the vote result was announced to the Region 3 meeting attendees. 



In accordance with the STYSA Constitution, the following occurs in this instance: 



In the event any office becomes vacant, the vacancy shall be filled by a simple majority vote of the officers who remain on the STYSA Executive Committee. The person who fills the vacancy shall serve until the next regularly scheduled Governing Board meeting or for District Vice-Presidents, any regularly scheduled District meeting, when an election will be held to fill the office.


South Texas is a member state association of US Youth Soccer and the United States Soccer Federation and is recognized as the governing association for the Southern half of Texas.  South Texas serves more than 100,000 registered youth players and more than 20,000 registered volunteers, coaches and administrators to perpetuate the growth and development of the sport of soccer for players ages 3 - 19.  


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