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My child was in STX ODP. Does he/she have to go through the STX ODP Open Tryouts again?

Players that are selected to the STX State ODP Pool will be invited to continue their participation the following year based on performance during the cycle. As long as players remain in good standing with regards to performance, attitude, commitment and maintaining a current registration, they will continue to be invited back without attending tryouts.


My child was in STX ODP, but took a year off. Does he/she have to go through Open Tryouts again?

Yes. If there is a lapse in participation in STX ODP, players must go through STX ODP Open Tryouts again to re-enter into the program.


My child was in ODP in a different state association. Does he/she have to go through STX ODP Open Tryouts?

Yes.  STX ODP does not have a transfer policy between states. Therefore, all players are subject to open tryouts when moving to a new state association.


When are STX ODP Open Tryouts?

Open tryouts take place annually in August/September.  Registration for the open tryouts can be found by clicking here. Tryout information is also announced on the STX Soccer website at www.stxsoccer.org , on Twitter (@STYSAOrg) and via email blasts.


How much are tryouts and what will they entail?

Tryouts will cost $45 and will consist of technical sessions, small sided and full sided games designed to evaluate a player’s technical, tactical, physical and mental ability.  Tryouts will be held on one day with a morning session and an afternoon session.  Players will also receive a numbered tryout shirt.


My child cannot make it to one of the tryout sessions, may run late, or may need to leave early. Is this okay?

We encourage players to attend the entire tryout session if possible so that players can be properly evaluated.  The more exposure that players get to the coaches during the tryout process, the better.


How many players will be selected to STX ODP from Open Tryouts?

There is not a specified number (no min/max) of players accepted to the Player Pools but we will limit selections from the player pool to rosters of 16-20 when attending events where games are played. Pool Players will be selected based on evaluation of performance and ability at tryouts and players will be selected from the Player Pool based on the same criteria when selecting teams for events.


How will my child know if he/she has been selected for STX ODP from Open Tryouts?

Rosters will be posted on the website (www.stysa.org/odp) and each player will receive a letter of notification via email notifying them of the outcome of the tryouts within two weeks after the last tryout as listed on the calendar.

Please ensure that your primary email and contact information is accurate when you complete your registration to ensure receipt of the email and information. If you have not received an email within two weeks, please email Gareth Glick, STYSA Director of Player Development, at garethg@stxsoccer.org.



How is player eligibility determined?

Eligibility for STX ODP is determined by the player’s calendar birth year, not their school year.  A child born in 2005 is a 2005 in STX ODP.


For the 2019-2020 Cycle, the youngest birth year will be 2009 and the oldest birth year will be 2003.


My child plays on a Club or Rec Soccer team. Can he/she still participate in STX ODP? If so, how many games will he/she play?

ODP is a developmental program intended to enhance a player’s performance and supplement the training that players are getting with their full time club teams.  ODP is not intended to replace the training and games that a player gets with their club team.  It is designed to act as a supplement.  Players receive a training schedule, not a game schedule. Players that are selected from the pool will play games in events that STX ODP attends such as Showcase Tournaments, Sub-Regional Competitions, or Regional Championships where they will play games against other states.


My child plays ECNL or US Club Pre-Academy. Can he/she still participate in STX ODP?

Yes. Players may play both STX ODP and ECNL or US Club Pre-Academy, and are encouraged to do so. To play both, players must complete a dual registration with STYSA to be eligible.

To register with STYSA, players go to their STYSA Home Association (complete list of STYSA Home Associations may be found at http://www.stxsoccer.org/member_associations/), and register as a Non-Rostered player.


My child does not play Club or Rec soccer. Can he/she still participate in STX ODP?

Yes.  All they have to do is register with STYSA as a Non-Rostered player. To register with STYSA, players go to their STYSA Home Association (complete list of STYSA Home Associations may be found at http://www.stxsoccer.org/member_associations/), and register as a Non-Rostered player.


My child is a returning ODP player.  How will we know if he/she has been invited to return for the next cycle?

Returning ODP players in good standing will receive their invitation email by the end of July and have until August 15 to accept or decline the offer by registering for the new cycle in GotSoccer and paying the Pool Training registration fee.  Failure to accept the offer and register through GotSoccer will be viewed as a decline of the offer. 



How do I accept my offer of a place in the player pool and register my STX ODP player after they have been selected?

Registration instructions will be sent in the Letter of Notification email.  Players will have two weeks to accept the offer and register for the ODP Pool.


What is the cost for the STX ODP Player Pool?

The 2019/2020 Pool Fee is $325 for the entire year. Players may pay in full at the time of registration, or they may select to pay in 2 monthly payments.  Players may apply for financial assistance by following the instructions on our website (www.stxsoccer.org/odp/financialaid)


What other costs should we expect?

Players will be required to purchase a uniform and two training shirts.  Returning players will be able to continue use of their existing uniform as long as the uniform is still being produced by Nike so that new players are matching.

Selected teams will be formed from the player pool to attend Showcase events, Sub Regional Events and the South Region ODP Championships.  Like any tournament, costs of attending these events (entry fees and coaching costs) will be divided by the group attending and paid for by the players. Total costs will be determined once the rosters are set.

All Pool Fees must be paid in full in order to participate in STX ODP, and to be eligible for selection to STX ODP events. More information about the dates and locations of these events can be found on our calendar page at www.stxsoccer.org/odp/calendar



My son/daughter is out with an injury (i.e. torn ACL, broken arm/leg/clavicle, etc.). How do I make sure they are not dropped from STX ODP for missing training sessions?

Injuries are part of the game and we are understanding of these situations.  All that we ask is for player injuries to be communicated with documentation.  Please email Gareth Glick, Director of Player Development, at garethg@stxsoccer.org with a copy of the player's doctor's documentation and a timeline for when they will return to play so we know when to expect them back.


When will the fall and spring STX ODP training schedules be available?

A tentative, preliminary calendar is posted on our website www.stxsoccer.org/odp/calendar


Once a player makes the ODP program, what is the time commitment?

Players selected to STX ODP, will be invited every fall to register in the Player Pool and train with their age/gender group. We schedule 8, double sessions per year on Sundays. 3 in the fall and 5 in the spring. We, like all others, are subject to cancellations due to inclement weather. Make-up trainings due to unforeseen cancellations are subject to field availability.  Players are expected to attend all of the training sessions and must attend at least 5 sessions to remain in good standing.


My child cannot make it to one of the training dates, may run late, or may need to leave early. Is this okay?

We encourage players to attend all training sessions available if possible, but we encourage that their Club/Rec team takes priority over ODP. It is better for a player to arrive late, than not at all. Players may leave early if necessary.


Do we travel to tournaments?

Only selected teams will travel to events STX ODP attends.

  • STX ODP will compete in Regional Championships, Sub-Regional showcase events and college showcase events.


Are the players assigned to a team, or teams, based upon their skill level?

ODP players belong to a Player Pool, not a team. The only time teams are formed is if we travel to ODP Sub-Regionals, Showcases, or Regional Championships during the year. Players are selected for ODP events, based on good standing status, ranking in their Player Pool and availability. Selections will be made by the head coach of the age group according to their ranking in the pool from the training session evaluations in which they attended.


Does ODP take into account the players' team schedule when scheduling the training sessions?

We do our best to schedule with as few conflicts as possible for the majority of the Player Pools. However, with the multiple leagues/soccer programs in South Texas, and limited field availability at times, this is not always possible. Should a player find themselves in jeopardy of losing their good standing status due to conflicts, please contact STYSA Director of Player Development, Gareth Glick (garethg@stxsoccer.org) to discuss options.


When and where are trainings held?

Trainings are rotated around major metropolitan areas in South Texas on Sundays. Trainings will consist of a morning training session and a late afternoon training schedule.



I did not receive my invitation email. Is there anything wrong I should be aware of?

The following are a few possible reasons players may not have received an email sent:

  • The player may no longer be "Age Eligible" to participate in STX ODP (i.e. 02 Boys and Girls).
  • The player may not be in "Good Standing" with payments. If a player registered for an event, and still has not paid the event in full, they will not receive the email of invitation until their account is paid in full, and they are back in "Good Standing".
  • Some email servers block GotSoccer as SPAM. As a result, we encourage STX ODP families to check their junk mail folders and have multiple emails in their GotSoccer player profiles. That way if one email fails, one, or the other, of the other emails will be received.


How do we know if a practice has been changed or cancelled?

Emails will be sent out using the primary email in the players GotSoccer account.



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