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Click to read the FAQs for Region III ODP Camp


When will the selection of players for the State ODP Pool be posted?

The list of players selected for the State ODP Pool (the players invited to attend Region III ODP Camp) will be posted after 5:00pm on Monday, March 6


What are the deadlines associated with Region III ODP Camp?

Click here to reach the Region III ODP Camp page.


What are the dates for the 2017 Region III ODP Camp?

Boys Camp Dates - University of Alabama Campus, Tuscaloosa, AL

Boys 01-02-03 July 8-12
Boys 01-02-03 Holdover * July 12-15
Boys 00-04-05-06 July 13-17



Girls Camp Dates - University of Montevallo Campus, Montevallo, AL

Girls 04-05-06 July 6-10
Girls 03 July 11-15
Girls 00-01-02 July 17-21



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