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State Classic League

SCL Information

South Texas Youth Soccer State Classic League (SCL) - This league is a fully sanctioned US Youth Soccer and South Texas Youth Soccer Association competitive league. SCL will provide an opportunity for the most competitive play possible for qualified teams within South Texas Youth Soccer Association to aid in the development of the competitive youth soccer player.  SCL will serve as the league which determines eligibility of participating teams and seeding for other South Texas Youth Soccer competitions. In 2016 SCL will include Eastern and Western District Teams. The U15-U19 age groups will play in the Fall, while the U14 age group will play a qualifying event which will be scheduled at the end of Fall.


STYSA 2017-2018 Competitions Model




League Management
STYSA will manage all operations of SCL including but not limited to; rules of play, registration, scheduling and field usage, disciplinary actions and referee assignments. SCL will be under the direction of the STYSA Vice-President, the operations of which will be handled out of the South Texas State Office.


Fall 2016 Age Group Calendar Changes

The 2016 State Classic League is adapting the USSF birth year registration mandate beginning Fall 2016, in accordance with US Youth Soccer directives. In SCL all teams will be aging up two (2 years) in order to keep teams together if they choose to. For example, 2015/2016 U13 teams will be U15 for the 2016/2017 seasonal year. SCL will require teams to either except or decline their pre-qualified slot, using the 2-year age-up model. With the changes to birth year registration, SCL will still have a core requirement for Fall 2016, however, it would be a “club core” requirement rather than “team core” requirement. This means that the core requirement would be fulfilled by simply filling the team with “greater than 50%” of players who were registered with the club for the 2015/2016 seasonal year.


Updated - 8/2: 2016 Fall SCL Qualified Team Seeding List - Formats specific for each age group will be posted in the Schedule / Format section below.

Eastern District Qualified Teams



Western District Qualified Teams




Schedule / Format - Preliminary Schedule

SCL Schedule - Now Posted - Click Here

Specific Group Format - Click Here


Updated - 9/14: 2016-2017 Rules and Game Day Procedures

2016-2017 SCL Rules - Now Posted Click Here

Game Day Procedures


SRPL Promotion and SCL Relegation

Updated - 9/14: SRPL/SCL Promotion and Relegation Document

Updated - 10/10: SRPL Standings Link

*Please note for the SRPL standings - the standings are for the Boys Groups only. Girls SRPL standings (per the above document) will utilize the Overall SCL standings as their SRPL standings. Standings utilized for each group is based on the specific format of the group (which can be viewed in the SRPL/SCL Promotion and Relegation Document).


Fall 2016 Cost

SCL will follow a per game cost, teams only pay for the number of games they are scheduled for.  The cost per game is $110/game.  The target number of games for the SCL season is 16 games ($1760).


Updated - 11/7: U14 Premier League Qualifying Event

Dates - December 10/11
Location - Mission City Soccer Complex
Teams: 8 total Teams (per gender - U14 Age group Only)
Composition of Teams: Top 3 teams in WDDOA, Top 3 teams in DDL, Top team representing the Valley/South Zone (as determined by the Valley) and Top team representing El Paso (as determined by El Paso).
Group Format - The 8 teams will be split into 2 Groups of 4.
Group 1 - WD1, ED2, ED3, El Paso
Group 2 - ED1, WD2, WD3, Valley/South Zone
Play Format - Groups will play a round robin within their Group over the weekend (2 games on Saturday, 1 game on Sunday)
Advancement to SRPL - Top 2 teams in each group will advance to SRPL in the Spring

Updated - 11/7: Rules - Click Here - Used for U14 Qualifying Event

Updated - 11/7: Schedule for U14 Premier League Qualifying Event - Click Here - Now Posted - no schedule requests will be accepted or considered





2016-2017 General Timeline – SCL - Updated - 10/25

August 5, 2016 - Registration Deadline.  All team registrations must be handled using the GotSoccer system.

August 12, 2016 - Payment Deadline.  All teams must be paid in full.  Credit card, e-check, or check all accepted.

August, 18 2016 (5:00 p.m.) - Anticipated Initial Schedule Release Date

August, 20 2016 - Scheduling Meeting - Comfort Inn - Columbus, Texas (10 a.m.) - see top of page for address

August, 26 2016 - Anticipated Official Schedule Release Date

September, 7 2016 - Roster Freeze Date (Releases/Transfers)

September 10/11, 2016 - Opening Weekend (Cross District - West Location)

September 17/18, 2016 - District Play

September 24/25, 2016 - District Play

October 1/2, 2016 - Cross District - East Location

October 8/9, 2016 - District Play

October 12, 2016 - Deadline for any NEW players to Rosters

October 15/15, 2016 - District Play

October 22/23, 2016 - District Play

October 29/30, 2016 - District Play

November 5/6, 2016 - District Play

November 12/13, 2016 - Cross District - San Marcos, TX

November 19-20, 2016 - Last Weekend of Fall Play (Groups with El Paso Teams)

Updated - 10/25: December 10/11, 2016 – U14 Qualifying Event – Location: Mission City Soccer Complex – Determine teams for Sring 2017 SRPL


Additional information regarding SCL will be published here as it becomes available.

Questions regarding SCL can be directed to Andrew Frisque, League Administrator at andrewf@stxsoccer.org

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