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State Competitions



South Texas Youth Soccer Cup Competitions

Effective July 31, 2020 - COVID-19 Reporting Procedures were implemented, please follow the procedures outlined in the STX Soccer COVID Resource Handbook to help guide your safe return to play this fall season - (English | Spanish).


South Texas Youth Soccer Association (South Texas) hosts a series of Fall Championships and Spring Cups each year that are designed to provide a wide variety of competitions to best fit the skill and ability level of each individual team and group of players. 

US Youth Soccer National Championships (State/National Cup) and Presidents Cup is a 3-stage event format (State/Region/National). The first stage begins at the State level in South Texas. The state event consists of District Play (April/May) and a State Finals (May). Winners of the State event advance to the Southern Regional event, then the National event, should they qualify.

Directors Cup (Spring) Directors Cup is a restricted entry competition for 11U to 19U Super II teams or lower that participated in DDL White (Eastern District), WDDOA Challenger, (Western District), or Member Association Leagues. The Directors Cup competition finishes at the State Level.
South Texas Cup (Spring) is a restricted entry competition for 11U to 19U Division II teams or lower that competed in D2L (Eastern District), WDDOA Alpha, (Western District), or Member Association Leagues. The South Texas Cup finishes at the State Level.

Fall Championships (Fall) The South Texas Fall Championships is a multi-stage tournament open to teams playing in Division II and Division III. Teams participating in Fall Championships will consist of those who participated in a South Texas Member Association’s Fall league and received an allocation from their Member Association. 
Target United Cup events will be held on various dates around the state during the spring. Additional information on each of these competitions can be found by clicking on the link above.
Open entry competitions are open to any South Texas Youth Soccer registered teams wishing to participate.  
Restricted entry competitions are limited to South Texas Youth Soccer registered teams who qualify based on their Fall level of play as defined by South Texas cup rules.
What event should your team register for? 

  1. All participants must be properly registered with South Texas Youth Soccer Association.
  2. All participants must be properly rostered to the team with which they participate.
  3. A player may participate in only one Cup competition during the year.
  4. A player may play for only one team in Cup competition.
  5. South Texas Youth Soccer’s Progressive Disciplinary System applies to all Cup competitions at the state level and below. Penalty points do not accrue in advancement play beyond state competition. However, if an ejection is received in the last game of State play, then the individual must sit out the first game of Regional play.
  6. In each Cup, each level of play will have its own disciplinary system (D&P). Decisions from the individual disciplinary systems may be appealed to the South Texas Appeals Committee and/or Executive Committee as designated by the South Texas D&P Procedures. If D&P Procedures are not published for a level of play, the South Texas D&P Procedures shall be used.
  7. For the Cups with restricted entry, the level of play in which the team participated in the immediately preceding fall shall determine the team’s eligibility.
  8. All teams that wish to participate in Cup play must comply with the registration procedures appropriate for their competition as posted on the South Texas Youth Soccer website, www.stxsoccer.org.
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