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State Cup





    A US Youth Soccer      National Competition 




South Texas State Cup, part of the US Youth Soccer National Championships Series, is an open entry competition for top level Division I teams.  Top Division I teams are typically defined as teams playing in SRPL or SCL.  The competition is open to Under-11 (U11) through Under-20 (U20) boys and girls teams who played in a STYSA Qualifying League. U13 and up will play 11v11 and U11-U12 will play 9v9. South Texas State Cup state champion in the age groups U13 and up will represent South Texas in the US Youth Soccer Southern Regionals, with possible advancement to the National finals. The U11 and U12 age group will finish at the State Championships.


STYSA 2017-2018 Competitions Model


2017 Entry Fee U13-U20: $750 (Includes all competition costs, including advancement to Regionals / Nationals)

2017 Entry Fee U11 & U12: $500

Welcome Letter - CLICK HERE

UPDATE: 3/15 Competitions Manual: CLICK HERE

Game Day ProceduresCLICK HERE - applicable for District Round games (April 29-May 14)

UPDATE: 3/20 Sample Bracket: CLICK HERE



National Championship Series Rule 242 Section 3 addresses the mandated Limited Substitution rule

  • (1) for the Under 11 - Under 14 age groups, unlimited substitutions shall be allowed; and
  • (2) Under 15 and up age groups, a maximum of 7 substitutions for each team shall be allowed in each game during each half of play and during overtime play. After leaving the game during a half of play, the substituted player may not re-enter the game during that same half of play. After leaving the game during overtime play, the substituted player may not re-enter the game.


UPDATE: 1/10/2017

State Cup registration is now open January 10, 2017. Registration Link is below.

The General Timeline below has been updated for 2017.

The 2017 State Cup will feature a U11 and U12 brackets. The U11 and U12 age groups do not advance to the regional or national events.



2017 Pre-Qualficiation List:

Will be Updated Per the Current Seedings Shortly.


2017 Registration (GotSoccer):

Registration Instructions

  1.  Check the District Seeding list that applies to your team and register for the Cup your team is seeded in.
  2.  If your intent is to try and qualify for a higher Cup than the one your team is seeded in, you will also need to select the Open Bracket Registration link and register for that Cups' Open Bracket. Both registrations are required! Please review the Open Bracket Document.
  3.  The following is for WESTERN DISTRICT teams and DDL U11-14 teams: Since Leagues will be playing games into April, it may not be clear which cup your team should register for based on your current league standings. Please follow the below instructions:
    •    Register for the Lower Cup. For example: If, based on your Spring results, your team could be seeded into Directors Cup or Presidents Cup, you would register in Directors Cup. If your team could be seeded into Presidents Cup or State Cup, please register for Presidents Cup. The State Office will work with the specific leagues to identify accurate seeding and will move teams into the Cup they are seeded in after final standings are established.
    •    Extremely Important - If your team's Seed and Cup are dependent upon Spring results and your intention/desire is to play in the Higher Cup, teams will need to register for the Higher Cups' Open Bracket as well. Teams must be registered in the Open Bracket by March 1st in order to be. If your Seeding/Cup is currently not identified and based on Spring League Results (and your intention is to play in the higher Cup), your team would register for the Lower Cup and also the Open Bracket of the Higher Cup.




State Cup Registration - Now Open! CLICK HERE

Open Bracket Registration - State Cup - Now Open! CLICK HERE

  • UPDATED 2/23 with Format and Cost Information - Open Bracket - Detailed Description - CLICK HERE


UPDATED 3/1 : Non-STYSA/US Youth Soccer Clubs/Teams Integration and Participation in Spring Cups - Requirements/Process - CLICK HERE



South Texas Youth Soccer partners with Successful Sporting Events to help accommodate teams participating in our events.  A link to available hotels for the State Finals will be published once locations/hotels are confirmed.
Lindsey LaZaroff

2017 District Group Play Locations (April 29-30, May 6-7, 2017): TBA
Eastern District: TBA
Western District:  TBA

2017 District Playoff Locations (May 13-14, 2017): TBA
Eastern District: TBA
Western District:  TBA

2017 State Finals Location (May 27-29, 2017):
Hosted in the Western District:  Five Mile Dam Park (4440 S Old Stagecoach Rd, San Marcos, TX 78666)



January 10, 2017:
State Cup Registration Opens

February 13, 2017:
Transfer Window and Release Deadline for U11 - U14 teams

March 1, 2017: 
State Cup Registration Deadline

March 13, 2017:
Transfer Window and Release Deadline for U15-U19/20 teams

March 20, 2017: 
State Cup payment deadline (credit card / e-check / check)

April 8/9, 2017: 
Open Bracket Play-In Games (if needed) – Exact Date TBA

April 10, 2017: 
Roster Freeze Date (new adds only).  Roster continuity date for regional/national events.

April 29/30, 2017: 
State Cup District Play Dates

May 6/7, 2017: 
State Cup District Play Dates

May 13/14, 2017: 
State Cup District Play-Off Play Dates

May 20/21, 2017: 
State Cup District Rain Dates 

May 27-29, 2017:
State Cup Finals Weekend, Location: San Marcos, TX (Five Mile Dam Park)

June 22-29, 2017:
US Youth Soccer Southern Regionals, Location: Greensboro, NC (Bryan Park Soccer Complex)

July 24-30, 2017:
US Youth Soccer National Championships, Location: Frisco, TX (Toyota Soccer Complex)


Additional information regarding State Cup will be published here as it becomes available.

For any questions regarding the South Texas Presidents Cup, please contact Andrew Frisque at the South Texas Youth Soccer state office.

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