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STYSA 2018 Service Project


 stysa_logo_noletters_360px STYSA 2018 Holiday Service Project


'Tis the season for giving.


The holidays are always a busy time of year, whether it be braving the weather out on the soccer fields or just enjoying time with friends and family. Originating in the winter of 2017, the South Texas Youth Soccer State Office staff, in the spirit of the holidays, wanted to find a way to give back to the community by preforming a service project to an organization in need of workers during the holiday season.


On December 12th, the STYSA staff again rolled up their sleeves and got to work at NextStep Equestrian Training Center in Elgin, TX. NextStep had a special service task aimed to improve horseback riders experience and to enhance safety on the horse riding trails.  STYSA Staff hauled away trees, brush and debris to help clear out trails once again for safe riding. Providing an eager work staff was a just a small gift for NextStep, but more importantly helped a great organization with their needs in clearing the trails for safe riding!


NextStepETC provides the next riding opportunity, the one that comes after training in the arena! NextStep hosts equestrian classes, activities, and play days in pursuit of their mission by creating progressive changes in cognitive, physical, emotional and social areas. The featured courses & activities provide individuals with varying abilities a healthy channel to share the mutual joy of horses with others, while instantaneously activating all their senses.

Please follow the great things about NextStepETC at www.nextstepetc.org or on Facebook




- Happy Holidays from the STYSA Office Staff!







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