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  Technical Development & Competitions Committees


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STYSA Technical Development Committee (STX TDC)



The STX TDC will provide input and recommendations on the following South Texas programs and areas of focus:

  • Player Development
    • Academy Program
    • Olympic Development Program (ODP)
    • Competition models (to include, but not limited to, Southern Regional Premier League participation, State Classic League and STYSA Cups)
      • The STX TDC will make recommendations on STYSA Competitions to the STX Competitions Committee
    • Club Pass, Transfer, Recruiting and other player-centered rules and policies
  • Coaching Development and Education
    • Grassroots Festivals, Coaching Courses and Outreach
    • Coaching Modules
    • Administration of Higher Level Courses
    • New Educational Opportunities


For full information on the STX TDC, please contact Jennifer Davis at jenniferd@stxsoccer.org.



The STX TDC is comprised of the STYSA State Director of Coaching, three district representatives from the West and three district representatives from the East. The Committee is chaired by the STYSA Executive Director. The STYSA Executive VP sits on the Committee in a non-voting, advisory capacity. 


Interested in becoming a member? 

We are currently looking for members of the STX Technical Development Committee from each District that meet the requirements below:

  • Must meet minimum requirements as stated below:
    • Current USSF ‘B’ License or higher
    • Current Director of Coaching, Technical Director or similar position with a STYSA Club or Association; experience may be substituted for title
    • Experience in player and coaching development at the Club or Association level; Club or Association mission statement should include focus on player development
    • Ability to problem solve and have an open mind
  • Can only serve on STX TDC if represented club has a minimum of 80% of members registered with STYSA (members that are dual registered can count towards this requirement).
  • Will serve a two-year staggered term limited to two (2) consecutive terms.
  • Will have fiduciary responsibility to STYSA and its members.
  • Will participate in all STX TDC meetings.
  • Term is vacated for any member under Disciplinary sanctions.
  • STX TDC members should communicate with their peers in order to obtain feedback on issues; Representatives should hold regular meetings with the district they represent.
  • Committed to represent all clubs and player levels, not just their own interests.


Letters of interest and professional resumes must be sent to Jennifer Davis at jenniferd@stxsoccer.org.

STYSA Competitions Committee (STX CC)

Update: The STYSA Competition Committee has been re-structured.



The new STX CC will have oversight of the following South Texas competitions:

  • STYSA Cups
  • State Classic League


The STX CC will work collaboratively with the STYSA State Office staff and WDDOA on league requirements and management for Division I and Super 2 levels of play in both districts.

The STX CC will work collaboratively with STYSA Region III Premier League State Rep on league requirements and STX participation.

For full information on the STX TDC, please contact Jennifer Davis at jenniferd@stxsoccer.org.  



Chairperson of the STX CC is Executive Vice President. Members include the STYSA Executive Director, one Western District Representative (selected from TDC membership), one Eastern District Representative (selected from TDC membership) and an At-Large member appointed by the STYSA President (and ratified by the STYSA Executive Committee). The STYSA State Director of Coaching, Western District VP and Eastern District VP also serve on the Committee in a non-voting, advisory capacity as needed.

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