To apply for E-travel you MUST:

1.) Go to


2.) Click "User Login"





3.) Go to "Teams and Team Officials (unless you have setup a universal account, and then you can use that).





4 a.) If this IS a GotSoccer event and you applied through your team account, you will see a "Request" button under the E-travel column. Click on "Request" and then "Request" again and you will be able to apply.




4 b.) If this is NOT a GotSoccer event click on "Events" in the dark blue menu bar.




5.) Click on "Permission to travel" in the grey menu bar




6.) You can use the "E-travel Search events" option to see if someone has already added that event. If the event comes up hit the "request" button.




7.) If you do not find the event under search, you can u se the "E-travel other event" and create it.




8.) Once you type the information for the tournament in, the "request" button will appear.