About Grassroots Festival

The South Texas Youth Soccer Grassroots Festival is a one-day event designed to allow as many players as possible to play soccer in a fun-filled environment. Following recommendations from the FIFA Grassroots program, festivals incorporate both dynamic, age-appropriate activities and small-sided games where all players have the opportunity to learn and improve their skills while moving through stations. A member of the South Texas Youth Soccer coaching education staff is onsite to help run the festival by assisting in the organization of the fields, use of equipment, design of appropriate player activities and small-sided games.

Festival Benefits 

  1. A player-centered program: The festival focuses on girls and boys between the ages of 6-12 and can involve as many players as possible, regardless of their range of abilities.
  2. A sense of community and pride in your local association or club: Festivals are a perfect way to kick off the season or celebrate the end of the year.
  3. Additional opportunities for coaching education: The Grassroots Festival can also incorporate coaching education by involving the club’s coaches directly in the on-field activities with supervision of the South Texas coach in attendance.
  4. Opportunities to engage parents and provide education: Festivals are a great way to involve parents and provide education on a variety of topics that meet your needs. You can use the festival as a way to communicate your association/club goals and mission directly to families.
  5. Flexibility: A Grassroots Festival can be tailored to fit the needs of the organization hosting the festival. Festivals can be adjusted based on facilities and the number and/or ages of players. The maximum recommended duration for a festival is 90 minutes. 


Hosting Costs

  • South Texas Youth Soccer Grassroots Festival - $500
  • Festival combined with a Grassroots Coaching Certification Course - $250

Additional Information

Different configurations of festivals are possible based on the anticipated number of players involved, available fields and the overall scope of the event. South Texas will provide a Festival Instructor who is a member of our State Coaching Education Staff. The instructor will help arrange the fields, set the rotation of the players and the length of the stations. They will assist the site coordinator in organizing all of the logistical matters (material, water, distribution of the teams, etc.) and oversight at the event. The Instructor will also be an onsite resource for providing coach and parent education during the Grassroots Festival.

Financial Assistance

We want to help make the Grassroots Festival Program affordable for your organization. If you are interested in hosting a Grassroots Festival but are unable to cover the full cost, STX Youth Soccer may be able to provide financial assistance to help bring this program to your area. 

Program Contact

For more information about our Grassroots Festivals, please contact Jené Baclawski.

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