Club Toolkit

The STX Youth Soccer Club Toolkit includes a range of resources for building and managing a soccer program with South Texas Youth Soccer. Here you’ll find links to forms, documents and articles to assist with your club’s administration and help you meet the challenges of starting and/or operating a successful club in South Texas.

For Club formation, it is always good to contact the Local Member Association in your area regarding their rules or requirements for starting a recognized Club to effectively register with STX Youth Soccer.

Clubs have the tremendous responsibility to create the best possible environment for their players, parents, officials and coaches. Some of these tasks may include handling money, hiring or firing personnel, understanding how to file taxes, and ensuring that practices and games are carried out with safe fields and appropriately registered players and coaches. We realize this can be a daunting endeavor and we’ve assembled this information to help support your success.

If you have questions about specific South Texas programs and events near you, please contact representatives from your area member association [link] or your local clubs and teams.

If you have questions or need information about building community partnerships or connecting your club to South Texas Youth Soccer, please contact us or call our State Office at (512) 272-4553.