Hall of Fame Honor

The honor granted by induction into the Hall of Fame is the greatest that can be offered by South Texas. Our appreciation for the dedication of these individuals and their sacrifice of time and energy can never be repaid. The children never really know the individuals who stand out the most in the effort to promote the game they play, but for the adults our gratitude to the Hall of Fame members is undeniable. We salute those members here, and know that the efforts they have made, that earn them the recognition here provided, will be most difficult to repeat. Our respect for your accomplishments and efforts is as deep as your love of the Beautiful Game. Inductees to the Hall of Fame have that accomplishment enshrined on the Wall of Honor at the South Texas State Office, are recognized on the South Texas web site, and honored at every gathering they attend of the State Association. They are our friends, and will always be so.

Membership in the Hall of Fame is granted to those persons whom, through years of dedication to the Youth we serve, have proven their commitment to the development of the "Simple Game" in the great state of Texas!


Candidates may be nominated by any South Texas Member Association, Club, STSR, Hall of Fame Member or a South Texas Executive Committee member in the following categories by meeting the listed criteria:


After they have served the youth a minimum of 10 years, in an administrative capacity, at a club, Member Association or higher level in South Texas.


After they have served the youth a minimum of 15 years in a coaching capacity, which should include a combined 10 years of South Texas state level coaching activities:

  1. ODP coach at the state, regional, or national levels and/or
  2. Serving as a South Texas Coaching Education instructor.


After they have represented South Texas as a player in more than one of the following:

  1. as a youth player for at least 10 years
  2. as a youth player on a Regional or National ODP team,
  3. as a youth player in Regional or National US Youth competitions,
  4. received collegiate All-American honors,
  5. participated at the National team level (youth or adult) for more than 3 years,
  6. received All-Star status or played 5 or more years in a recognized professional league.


After they have served the youth a minimum of 10 years, in a referee capacity, at the State, Regional or National level and/or served the referee community a minimum of 5 years in an administrative capacity as a member of STSR.


After they have contributed to the success of South Texas youth soccer for a minimum of 5 years through financial contributions, consulting services or partnerships to South Texas, Member Associations or Clubs

South Texas Hall of Fame Criteria

If you believe an individual is deserving of this honor, please provide a written nomination with supporting documents to the State Office, Attention: South Texas President, and include contact information (phone numbers, e-mail address) where you can be reached during the day. Candidates must have been primarily affiliated with South Texas Youth Soccer and evidence of that must be included with the nomination. Not all who are nominated will qualify to the high standards we measure these few.

Mail nominations to:

South Texas Youth Soccer Association
Attn: Hall of Fame
2851 Joe DiMaggio Blvd. #23
Round Rock, TX 78665

The Candidate, once nominated, may be admitted pending the review and approval of the South Texas Executive Committee. Induction is done at one of the South Texas Governing Board Summer Meetings.

STX Youth Soccer Hall of Fame


Bruce Hoffer
Arlette Collins-Hoffer


Hal Mechler
Deborah Lovoi
JJ Lovoi
Pat McGraw
Shirley McGraw


Arturo Alvarez
Karla Ayers
Nicky Thrasher


Jasen Anno
Elaine Loyd
Pat Pullen


William ‘Bill’ Forest
Robin Foster
Jesse Harrell


Don Bohnet
Manuel ‘Doc’ Feliberti
Francoise Feliberti


Joy Gammon
Ron Davis
Gloria Moorman


Janis Adkins
James Borders
Jimmy Park


Cecil Meekins
Linda Miller
Joe Payton


Les Haulbrook
Ed Loucks


Martha Hunter
Javier Matamoros


Dr. Eric J. Pappert


Fernando Pereira


Greg Barnhill


William ‘Bill’ Hutson
Roy Smithers
Arthur Yonge


Ray Thomas
Patricia Gatzka


Robert Legler
Albert Chatrou


Milton Aimi
Victor Mark