STX Youth Soccer
Insurance Coverages

Years ago, South Texas Youth Soccer recognized the need to provide it’s member soccer teams and leagues with the protection of a comprehensive program of insurance coverage and it’s membership with the following coverages:

There are three types of insurance coverages

  1. Accidental Medical
  2. Liability Insurance
  3. Director & Officer
Player's Heath Explanation of Coverage 2022-23

Accidental Medical Insurance

Excess accident coverage is automatically provided to registered members of South Texas Youth Soccer Association as a part of the registration fee paid to the State. This policy provides for coverage for registered players, coaches, trainers, and other officials, during sanctioned events including regularly scheduled practices and games.

For players or members who have health insurance coverage this insurance acts as secondary coverage. For players or members that do not have other health insurance coverage, this coverage acts as primary insurance.

Accidental Medical Claim Forms

Submission Process:

  1. Injured individual, guardian, or parent files an electronic injury claim on the Player's Heath weblink below:
    Injury Claim Submission Form
  2. Instructions to follow for the injury form:
    Select "Injury"
    Leave Blank
    Fill out remainder of form with all required injury information

  • The online FNOL submission is reviewed by the STX Youth Soccer State Office and either APPROVED or DENIED within days.
  • If DENIED by STX Youth Soccer, a reason why will be explained in an email to claimant.
  • Once APPROVED, the Third Party Claims Administrator (TPA) over the injury claim will email a Letter of Acknowledgement to the individual who submitted the injury claim within 15 business days of approval. The TPA is the organization that is responsible for reviewing & processing your claim per the policy provisions and is employed on behalf of the insurance company.
  • It is suggested to check your spam folder as sometimes the email with the TPA's Letter of Acknowledgement can go into your spam folder. It should come from Co-Ordinated Benefit Plans (CBP), the claims administrator for Great American Insurance.
  • Prepare the following for the TPA:
    - Itemized Bills from providers (You need to request from your provider)
    - Copies of your primary Explanation of Benefits (EOB's)
    - Copies of any paid receipts you have already paid out of pocket for the injury
  • Any of the above items received to date can also be sent to secure emails: and cc or mail to the address provided in your Letter of Acknowledgement. Please reference the Player’s Name & well as the Claim ID# from the Letter of Acknowledgement upon submission.
  • Also, please note that your injury claim will be processed per the policy provisions. That means that you will be responsible for a deductible under this policy.

Members are covered:

  • While participating in the South Texas sanctioned play, practice or other scheduled soccer group activity under the supervision of an authorized official acting on behalf of South Texas.
  • While traveling as an organized group directly and uninterruptedly to and/or from such play or practice at the direction of an authorized South Texas official.

Liability Insurance

Coverage is provided for South Texas Youth Soccer, its Member Associations, and leagues. Teams, players, coaches, referees, sponsors, directors, officers, and volunteers are covered while acting in behalf of the named insured. There are no deductibles.

Certificates of Insurance (COI's) will be furnished to all requesting entities upon written request either periodically as warranted or on an annual basis.

Notify the South Texas State Office immediately of pending liability claims or lawsuits.

Liability Certificate of Insurance Request Form

Request Process
  1. Enter the Certificate Holder information of the facility (City, ISD Property Owner etc.). All *Required fields must be entered
  2. Clubs & Member Associations will be able to use the drop down to select their own organization. This will allow any club to have their own COI for a facility that may be shared by multiple clubs.
  3. Submit the Request! The request will go to directly to the State Office for review.
  4. The "Special Wording" box allows for any additional language needed by the Certificate Holder. Any time this box is filled out and submitted, Players Health will first review the requested language for approval before the State Office can review or issue the COI!
  5. The State Office will review the request for accuracy, need for edits or decline the request.
  6. Once approved, a link with the copy of the COI will be emailed only to the requesting individual while also copying the Club's Member Association Staff contact for their records.
  7. A Club's local Member Association may notify the State Office and effectively decline coverage to the requesting organization's COI if the Club/Organization is not eligible or in good standing.
  8. *Again, coverage is only for approved sanctioned activities of South Texas Youth Soccer and not valid if the requestor is participating in non-approved sanctioned activities of South Texas or activities identified by their Member Association.

Please contact Tony Swain at with the State Office with any Certificate of Insurance (COI) coverage questions.

Directors & Officers Insurance

Coverage is provided for South Texas Youth Soccer Association, its Member Associations and leagues directors and officers are covered while acting in behalf of the named insured. There are no deductibles.

Insurance Questions?

Email Noah Taylor for all questions regarding all South Texas Insurance Coverages.