Frontier Conference

Frontier Conference, managed by US Youth Soccer National League, provides South Texas teams a high-level competition through a multi-state association league (Oklahoma, North Texas, and South Texas). Premier I Divisions (team-based) are offered for both boys and girls teams in the 13U-19U age groups and includes four teams from each State Association, comprising a 12-team league. Frontier Development League (club-based) is a girls only club versus club division of the Frontier Conference. All teams compete to qualify for other US Youth Soccer South Region and National competitions.

Frontier Conference Information

The Frontier Conference is one of 13 conferences that fall under the scope of the US Youth Soccer Leagues Program and operate at a multi-state level—providing high-level competition on a consistent basis at a targeted local level (Oklahoma, North Texas and South Texas).

The Frontier Conference’s Premier I Division tier offers its teams an opportunity to qualify for the season’s National League Showcase Series. In addition to providing a pathway to qualifying for the National League Showcase Series, the Frontier Conference provides teams with a chance to advance to the US Youth Soccer Southern Regional Championships, which are held annually each summer. The US Youth Soccer Leagues Program provides annual league competitions at the multi-state and national tiers for the highest levels of boys and girls teams in US Youth Soccer.

Additional information regarding the Frontier Conference can be found on the US Youth Soccer website. Information regarding South Texas teams in Frontier Conference will be posted to this web page.

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Frontier Conference Dates

Frontier Conference Fees

Team Fees for Frontier Conference are broken down into two parts, the USYS League Entry Fee and STX Game Fees, which are paid as one total per team. The USYS League Entry fee is collected by South Texas Youth Soccer.

Frontier Conference Team Fees:
  • 13U-14U Teams: $1,700
  • 15U+ Teams: $1,850

Checks or Money Orders should be mailed to:

STX Youth Soccer
ATTN: STX Frontier Conference
2851 Joe DiMaggio Blvd. Suite 23
Round Rock, TX 78665

*Please reference page 3 of the Team Info Guide to view your group size.

Frontier Conference Qualifier Information

South Texas hosts the Frontier Conference Qualifying Event at the end of the fall season for the 13U-18U age groups to qualify the top teams within the state at each age group. The 13U age groups will be competing to qualify for the Spring 2023 Frontier Conference season. The 14U-18U age groups are competing for a pre-qualified Frontier Conference spot for the following season.

Dates: December 10-11, 2022 - 13U Event ONLY. 14U-18U Event POSTPONED as of 11/15/2022.
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Frontier Conference Contact(s)

Frontier Conference League Manager: Matt Dellaria,

Frontier Conference STX Contact: Victoria Zeman,