About Recreational

The Recreational/Grassroots soccer is the foundation of youth soccer in South Texas. A member of the South Texas Youth Soccer State Office staff can be onsite to help assist the Member Association or Club as needed with signage, coaching education or referee programing.


Recreation/Grassroots events are an engaging way Clubs or Member Associations can allow players to experience a fun filled and event style environment. The South Texas Youth Soccer State Office can help provide assistance to your organization through various services or educational pieces. Member Clubs & Associations can fill out the Recreation/Grassroots Activation Request HERE to help support your recreational program!

Ways the South Texas State Office can support your Recreation/Grassroots event:

  • Activation with STX Branded Tent/Signage with handouts and games
  • 2v2 Dribble Festival
  • Coaching Education Courses
  • Referee Education Courses
  • & More!

Submission of Activation requests does not guarantee the availability for STX Youth Soccer activation to be on site at your event: Completing and submitting the form link above is simply a request. All requests submitted will receive an approval or denial notification once fully processed by the South Texas Youth Soccer State Office.


For more information about our Recreational/Grassroots Support, please contact Kincaid Hunt or Jennifer Davis.

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