Risk Management

KidSafe Adult Registration

The STX KidSafe (Risk Management) Committee, whose responsibility it is to address STX Risk Management policies and procedures, including the use of criminal background checks and other investigative tools, is made up of volunteers from across the state appointed by the Executive Committee. You may contact the committee by email by sending a message to riskmanagement@stxsoccer.org.

The STX KidSafe Program, which was introduced on a voluntary compliance basis in 2002 and fully implemented in 2003, provides the parents of children involved with youth soccer in South Texas a measure of security regarding the adults charged with responsibility for their children. At soccer practice, games, and trips back and forth to practice and games, children are sometimes entrusted to adults who, as coaches, take on an authority role granted them by their desire to volunteer and be active with coaching. Beginning with the 2004 – 2005 seasonal year STX expanded the efforts to protect our youth players and began utilizing the new US One national background check offered by Backgroundchecks.com.

Since full implementation in 2003, less than 1 percent of these applications produced a result requiring permanent suspension of individuals from all activities in STX. The fees for the background checks are covered by STX and it is money well spent.

We know that the thousands of adult participants in the program appreciate the safeguards that are now in place for our hundred thousand plus soccer players and, individually, we want to thank each of you for your support and compliance with this important program by wearing the pass whenever you are at the fields. We know it was a big change, but the children are well on the way to being much safer now because of this program and your dedication to its implementation.

The KidSafe background check submission process is fully integrated within the GotSoccer adult registration process. To register as a coach, trainer, team manager or volunteer contact your local Club or home Association for instructions.

The authority for the actions of this committee is derived from State and National Law, the policies and procedures of the United States Youth Soccer Association, STX Registration Rules and Policies, and....common sense.

SafeSport Certification

Starting in the 2019-2020 season, STX Youth Soccer's Risk Management instituted as a Member Association, each Club Officer, Staff Member, Board Member, Coach and/or Team Official or Manager are REQUIRED to:

(1) Complete the SafeSport training modules each season

  • EVERY adult is considered a mandatory reporter. When you have a reasonable suspicion or belief that abuse is occurring or has occurred, you are legally required to report to authorities within 24 hours.
  • First, report local law enforcement immediately & to STX Youth Soccer Jennifer Davis 512-272-4553
  • SafeSport Reporting Phone #720-531-0340 or via incident reporting form ONLINE for 24/7 Support
  • To acquire the Free US Soccer SafeSport Code, contact your local club or Noah Taylor in the STX Youth Soccer State Office

(2) Complete the CDC Concussion Awareness Training

(3) Successfully pass a background check


All three (3) parts are mandatory and can be found within a GotSoccer STX profile. In order for the adult to be added to a team account/roster and/or receive a KidSafe Adult Participation pass. Each of these three (3) components are linked through the individual coach's or individual manager GotSoccer profile.

18+ Year Old Athletes & SafeSport Certification

US Youth is now requiring any player that is 18 years old or will turn 18 years old within the current soccer year 22/23 (prior to July31, 2023), to complete SafeSport Certification in order to be added to an official team roster.

This is the same SafeSport course your coaches, managers, and administrators have been completing. This is for recreational and competitive players.

The following link will take you to a step-by-step instructional guide to sign to take the course: HERE

Please remember, the player must log in with their profile log in, not the parent log in. So that player will need their own unique email added to their player profile as the user ID.  It should not be the parent email; needs to be a valid email. Also, please make sure to use same legal first name, last name and that email in SafeSport when that account is created.

If player does not know their password, they can hit password reset after they have a valid email added to their profile as a user id.

For any questions, please contact your Club or Local Association Registrar or contact the South Texas Youth Soccer State Office for additional details.