Risk Management

EVERY adult is considered a mandatory reporter. When you have a reasonable suspicion or belief that abuse is occurring or has occurred, you are legally required to report to authorities within 24 hours.

  1. First, report local law enforcement immediately & to STX Youth Soccer Jennifer Davis 512-272-4553
  2. SafeSport Reporting Phone 720-531-0340 or via incident reporting form ONLINE for 24/7 Support

To acquire the FREE U.S. Soccer SafeSport Code, contact your local club or Noah Taylor in the STX Youth Soccer State Office.

Below are (3) three parts that are mandatory for any adult to be added to a team account/roster and/or receive an Adult Participation pass. Each of these three (3) components are linked through the individual coach's or individual manager GotSport profile. SafeSport training is required for any adult or player turning 18 during the seasonal year.

Background Checks

Background checks will now expire on May 31 of each year, however, they will still be valid for two (2) years.

If your background check is expiring this year, you will need to submit your check on or after June 1, and again we encourage everyone to do this as early in the summer months as possible as the checks do take time to clear and CANNOT be sped up once submitted.

GotSport Step-By-Step Instructions of how to submit a Background Check

SafeSport Certification

STX Youth Soccer requires each Club Officer, Staff Member, Board Member, Coach, Manager or Player turning 18 within a seasonal year are REQUIRED to complete a SafeSport training annually.

SafeSport certificates will now expire on May 31 annually.  For this seasonal year only (2023-2024), we will honor a 14-month period; therefore, if you took the course in April or May 2023, you will not need to complete the module again until June 1, 2024. If you have taken the requirement prior to April 1, 2023, you will need to take it again before the start of the 23-24 season, in order to be compliant.

For everyone else who will be working with teams for the 23-24 seasonal year, we are recommending the SafeSport course be completed on or after June 1 but preferably sometime early in the summer months.  Without this certification, we cannot roster adults to teams or create adult participation passes.

To be eligible for the 2023-24 registration year, one of the following four SafeSport courses must be completed on or after May 31, 2023:

  • SafeSport Trained- U.S. Soccer Federation - this is also referred to as "Core" training
  • SafeSport Refresher 1
  • SafeSport Refresher 2
  • SafeSport Refresher 3

More specifically, an individual should complete the next available course in the four-year cycle listed above. The cycle repeats after Refresher 3 to re-complete each course starting with the "Core" training again. Only one (1) of the above listed courses would need to be completed each year.

GotSport Step by Step directions for submitting SafeSport Trainings for Coaches/Managers & Players over the age of 18

GotSport Step by Step Directions for Submitting SafeSport for Minors (Players turning 18 during the 2023-2024 Seasonal Year)

To access these courses once logged into SafeSport, click the upper right hand corner for the drop down menu and select "Catalog" to view all available courses and enroll in the next course based on what has been previously completed.

The following SafeSport courses listed DO NOT satisfy the SafeSport Trained requirement:        

  • SafeSport for Youth Athletes
  • SafeSport for Adult Athletes
  • SafeSport for Kids
  • Parent's Guide to Misconduct in Sport
  • Mandatory Reporter
  • Creative Safe and Inclusive Environments for Athletes with Disabilities

CDC Heads Up Concussion Awareness Certification

Requirement only needs to be taken once, at this time, but required for an Adult (Staff, Coach, Manager) to receive their adult participation pass. 

GotSport Step-By-Step directions for accessing the CDC Heads Up Concussion Course

For any questions, please contact your Club or Local Association Registrar or contact the South Texas Youth Soccer State Office for additional details.