Teams traveling to USYS sanctioned tournaments and events outside of South Texas must submit an eTravel request via GotSoccer prior to traveling / participating.

How to Submit

Download the guide here.

The purpose of the eTravel form is to extend coverage to any South Texas registered team that chooses to play in a USYS sanctioned tournament outside of South Texas. If a team is playing in a South Texas sanctioned event, the team and players are automatically covered and do not need to submit an eTravel request. A team that plays without an approved eTravel form risks the team and players playing with no coverage under the South Texas insurance policy.

To submit the eTravel request, you must sign into your team account registered in your member association's appropriate seasonal registration event. Should your team not have access to this account, your club or member association registrar can provide the credentials to the team representative.

A team must list either a Coach and/or Manager in the team's account information to be approved.

All requests should be submitted no later than the Wednesday before the tournament weekend.

  1. Sign in to your current team account on GotSoccer
    - Must be the account registered in your member association’s appropriate seasonal registration event (ex: HYSA 2020-2021 Registration Event)
  2. Under ‘Home’ -> ‘Overview’ the list of events the team has registered for should be visible
    - Find the tournament you wish to request for and under the eTravel column click ‘Request’
    Please add the current ‘Permission to Host Document’
    - This document can be found on the hosting state association website (look for Tournament Hosting Info, Tournament Listing, Approved Tournaments, or Invitational Tournaments)
  3. Once permission to host has been added – click request
  4. Choose ‘Click to continue’ to enter payment info
    - Payment methods include; Credit Card, ACH Checking, ACH Savings, or purchase card
  5. Lastly, choose what type of tournament you are requesting to travel to and complete the required fields.
    - Any Guest Players or Club Pass Players not listed on the official team roster must be listed on the "Guest Player" section of the eTravel form with each Player's first & last name and Player ID number

*It is the responsibility of the team, coach, and manager to comply with the rules and guidelines of South Texas Youth Soccer, US Youth Soccer, the US Soccer Federation, or those of the State Association or tournament to which you are traveling. Failure to comply with the published rules and guidelines may result in sanctions, fines or both being assessed to the team, players and/or team officials.

Please contact Noah Taylor for any questions regarding eTravel.

Non-USYS Sanctioned Events

South Texas provided liability and player accident insurance is not in effect for teams, players, or coaches traveling to or participating in non-USYS sanctioned tournaments, games, or events (i.e. US Club, AYSO, SAY, etc.) It is the responsibility of the Coach or Manager to advise the players and their parents that South Texas insurance is not in effect for these types of tournaments, games, or events.

Foreign Travel

The eTravel Notification process is not applicable for travel outside of the United States (including Canada and Mexico). Travel to events, tournaments, or games outside of the United States requires that the standard Application for Foreign Travel be submitted to the State Office at least 6 weeks prior to the date of departure to allow sufficient time for processing and receiving approval by the US Soccer Federation.

Note: The US Soccer Federation does NOT notify the State Office when, or if, a request for foreign travel is approved or denied and it is the responsibility of the Coach or Manager to follow-up and make sure that they have all the proper approvals in hand prior to leaving the country.