Esports Safety


By participating in STX Soccer Esports, players and their families benefit from the connection and support of a community while reducing their risks online.

Addressing the risks

Much of the risks in esports and online gaming come from anonymous, unsupervised environments where youth can be especially vulnerable.

  • Interactions with bad actors and communications with unverified adults
  • Predatory risks and grooming
  • Bullying and harassment
  • Online toxicity and negativity
  • Excessive screen time and imbalance with other activities
  • Improper health and exercise habits
  • Limited checks and balances


We have taken extra steps to address the risks and support youth on and off the field.

  • Private online community and events secured by verification software
  • Only accessible to registered and verified members
  • Supervised online interactions by screened and SafeSport trained administrators
  • Community supported programs with positive values and coaching
  • Promotes inclusivity, anti-bullying, and anti-toxicity for all
  • Utilizes age appropriate video games and content
  • Promotes balance with traditional sports