2021 Winter GBM
Rule Proposals

The Rule Proposals in question are currently listed below with the STX Rules Committee recommendations.

  • The STX Executive Committee will provide their recommendations, if any, following the Executive Committee Meeting scheduled on 1/27.
    *Updated 1/19/21

Rule Change
Submission Deadline

All Proposed Rule Changes were submitted prior to the December 23, 2020 Deadline in order to be reviewed for the 2021 Winter GBM.

Below please find the Rule Change Proposal form for submission this Summer 2021.

Proposed Rule Change


Remember, STX Soccer Constitution 1.12 states:

Any member association that:

i) fails to cast all votes to which it is entitled for two (2) consecutive STX Soccer Governing Board Meetings; or

ii) is delinquent in the payment to STX Soccer of any registration fees, fines or other fees; or

iii) fails or refuses to comply with the authority of STX Soccer, shall be considered to lose good standing and shall have its voting rights automatically suspended until such rights are reinstated by a simple majority vote of the Governing Board. Such business shall be the second item on the agenda. No club, team or individual registered with a member association not in good standing as a result of ii) or iii) above shall be allowed to participate in any competition sponsored by STX Soccer.

Questions / Comments

Please contact Noah Taylor at the State Office

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